Here is a little info on our next big product. Tungsten Nano Fiber made with Tungstalon. Carbon Fiber is very popular around the world with thousands of applications, from race car bodies to airplane wings. Currently there is a big global shortage of the material due to car, aircraft and marine manufacturers buying up all available stock. Our product is created the same way as Carbon Fiber except we substitute Tungsten oxide powder for Carbon graphite.

Below is a little bit about how it is made.

Raw Nylon 66 is melted at 200 degrees until it becomes a liquid. Our Tungsten Nano Particles are blended in until it is about 50% Tungsten. The blended material is poured into long molds forming strips when cooled. The strips are cut into small pieces.

The Tungsten/Nylon pellets are then poured into the hopper of a Extruder. The pellets are
re-heated and forced under pressure through a die that forms the hot mixture into a thread.

The thread is wound onto spool.

The Tungsten/Nylon Thread is sent to a Fabric manufacturer and placed on a Loom. Where the thread is woven into a finished fabric.

The finished fabric can be sold as a product by the roll, or
it can be used to fabricate complex products.

The Tungsten Fiber is placed into a mold just like Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber. Once placed liquid resin in applied, additional layers of fabric can be added for additional strength or thickness. The part is then Vacuum sealed and baked into a super hard finished product.